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Hi, my name is Jae. I am a software developper (my Repos ) and also a music maker (check my SoundCloud here ).

To contact me, just send me mail .

Check my services website to see all my services.

My Skills

Use of Level (0/100) / European language level
HTML / CSS 100/100
JS 95/100
PHP / C++ 90/100
Java / C# 80/100
Python 75/100
Assembly 35/100
GNU/Linux CLI 100/100
MS Windows CLI 65/100
Github-lab / Trello 100/100
Jira 80/100
French Native
English C1


Year "Achievement"
2001 Born in Annecy (), France.
2009 Coded small programs in Basic on a Commodore 64 () .
2011 First very Personal Computer, a hp compaq nc6120 (). Got almost immediately attracted by Github.
2012 Very first Linux installation, Debian ().
2012 Started to code in PHP/HTML/CSS/JS (web languages).
2013 First successfull Gentoo () installation (over two weeks of downloading and compiling; also got a new pc in the meantime).
2013 Finally switched to ArchLinux (). Started to code in C and Java.
2015 Got my first Raspberry Pi () and started to learn Python.
2017 First experience with "hacking". Result: I am not a hacker.
2018 Started a project to stabilize a robotic arm with some friends as a school project.
2019 Working on a server management software for compagnies that will support almost any Linux distros.


Year Project
2011-19 Counter-Strike 1.6 Game server (in maintenance).
2012 IRC Bot. Was sending requested files (by a command) to users.
2014 First (failed) attempt to build my own World Of Warcraft server.
2014-16 Dofus private server to play with some friends.
2016 First C++ gui program to manage SpigotMC servers (Minecraft).
2017 Second (failed) attempt to build a World Of Warcraft server.
2019 Started the development of a server management software (described in "achievements").
2019 A fan website for the Minecraft server SMBCraft with the list of user bases (website closed now).